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The Custom Brick Ranch houses built by Harry Slatkin are now for sale for the first time. The houses were built in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries to accommodate a growing middle class, as the 20th century became the "American century." The well-kept and tidy ranch was built on a property in Madison Heights, Michigan, south of Detroit.

American soldiers returned home triumphantly at the end of World War II, building homes for millions and building them all over the United States.

The ranch's new kitchen has been modernized and the upgraded bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, freshly painted walls and new appliances are all waiting for your imagination. This will be the perfect home for a family of four or even a small group of friends and family.

Madison Heights has some of its own treats and its location offers great views of the surrounding city as well as downtown Detroit. There is even a parking lot where the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings play if you want to escape downtown Detroit for a sporting event.

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More About Madison Heights

More About Madison Heights